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Shop Watch June 2016

By Russ | June 5, 2016 at 7:07 pm

What Is This Majestic Madness?

Trailers have the potential to blow you away (assuming everything you saw wasn’t bullshit), and the trailer for Tokyo Mirage Sessions did that for my wife and I. It’s rare to see that happen anymore, but I thought it deserved some recognition.

The first full week of June is promising for the Sony side of consoles. The HD re-release of Odin Sphere arrives across all three Sony systems, along with PS4 releases of Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book and Paragon. Odin Sphere is a fantastic game with a lot of little systems like upgrading weapons and a cooking/alchemy. It’s also staggeringly beautiful, and though the PS2 version had frame-rate issues there were still controller-dropping visuals contained in the game.

As for Atelier Sophie: despite being woefully behind on my knowledge of Atelier games, I have yet to see an Atelier title not fulfill its promises of both adventure and alchemy. Paragon is a MOBA – with a cover setup so close to Destiny some marketing executive probably wants a consumer to confuse the two for a small boost in sales.

Skipping to June 21, Grand Kingdom also lands on the Sony consoles with 3 variations of PS4 releases and a standalone release for the Vita. A demo should be available soon for players to try out. Later that week, the Fire Emblem/SMT fusion called What Is This Majestic Madness? – or more accurately Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – arrives on the WiiU. I don’t own a WiiU, but still have this game pre-ordered. I’m also poor, so it’s doubly sad.

Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness arrives on the PS4 June 28. Supposedly taking place in-between the second and third game in the series; Integrity & Faithlessness probably won’t have ‘Til the End of Time‘s oddball ending.

Some advice: Grab a Tokyo Mirage Sessions LE if you find one. Like the Xenoblade Chronicles X LE, it will likely be super-rare.

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