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Shop Watch March 2017

By Russ | March 5, 2017 at 8:10 pm

Mass Anime.

This past week saw the release of Nintendo’s Switch, and Ys Origin on the PS4. Ys Origin is a great game, with three story lines depending on the player you choose.

The next Atelier game, Atelier Firis hits store March 7. Is this a 6 month or annual thing now? I’ve enjoyed the Atelier titles I’ve played but at this point it feels like time has lost meaning with this number of releases. On the other hand, Nier: Automata is also released this day and how often does a Nier/Drakengard/Drag-On Dragoon game see release? ┬áIt’s either strange days or I’m old. Or both.

March 21 sees the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, where fans won’t wait until the ending to exclaim their disappointment this time around. Instead; fans will rage over the lack of pornography they expected in a mainstream release.

On the lesser know side of March 21, AKA why the hell would you release a niche title same day as a huge release; are the equivalent of that time Samurai Shodown went RPG, and something else. Of course, this refers to bullet-hell-shooter-turned-roguelike Tohou Gensou Wanderer, and Anima: Game I’ve Never Head Of Gate of Memories. Huh. Must’ve gated my memories real friggin’ hard there. So hard, in fact; I’ve forgotten them for March 28’s releases-

Kingdom Hearts: Everything But the Kitchen Sink Edition, which includes the first two HD remasters but not the II.8 stuff. A few days later, Strategy RPG God Wars is released, leaving Mass Effect: Andromeda the US Sci-Fi CGI movie accidentally placed into the anime shelf.

April 4th Persona 5 is released and saves all of our souls.

Disclaimer: Pretty sure this is a parody column now.

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