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Shop Watch August 2021

By Russ | August 11, 2021 at 1:09 am


I’ve recently set aside nights to run content with my incredibly small Free Company. It has not worked out as I planned, with few people wanting to run for mounts or complete harder quests, so I have taken to collecting older relic weapons.

This is a metaphor.

Starting out the month is Zengeon, an “anime-infused” rogue-like.

Hades will release on the PS5 August 13th. That same day the Switch sees tactical RPG Witch Spring 3 [Re:fine].

The 20th will have Monster Harvest, which appears to combine farming games and monster collector games for ultimate marketability.

Harvest Moon: One World hits the Xbone August 25th.

The month ends with a combo pack of Phantom Brave and Soul Nomad on the Switch. To my knowledge, Soul Nomad has not been re-released since the PS2 days.

Which brings me to my metaphor. While I’m certain all of these newer titles have something enjoyable to them, since I don’t know anyone who wants to play these in my corner of the world; I’ll likely run some old games.

Do what you love, folks.

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