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Shop Watch December 2022

By Russ | December 4, 2022 at 10:08 pm

Crisis Core! with an exclamation point sounds like a cartoon puzzle game with jelly drops.

Or a late 90s anime. Instead, it’s the prequel to a late 90s RPG with a huge late 90s anime aesthetic.

But before that, Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent hits shelves on December 9 for the PS4 and Switch.

Also December 9 is Dragon Quest Treasures for the Switch. Uncertain if it will be a sleeper hit, but a lot of the recent DQ games have been smashing to play.

December 13 sees the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Some fans may remember this was a PSP game directed by Nomura. Now it’s a PS4/PS5/Switch title meant to fit into the FFVII Remake narrative and eventually become Kingdom Hearts for those wanting more lore. And to make those dollars.

I don’t expect Dead Island 2 to hold its December 31 release date, but if it does there’s another action RPG for the zombie enthusiast in us all.

December 31 is typically a placeholder release date. A lot of companies use it so it looks good when the game gets moved forward, or retail locations use it as a way to garner pre-orders.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy whatever you are playing. For me, it’s still Trails from Zero.

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