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Shop Watch August 2023

By Russ | July 30, 2023 at 8:55 pm

Puzzle Quest III is a naughty thief of time.

Haven’t completed Final Fantasy XVI or even started Trails into Reverie because connecting gems into rows triggers the happy juice.

August is light on the releases. I was reminded recently Summer has historically been light on video games in general, and began to wonder if release dates are still affected by summer vacation for schools. After all, the age of gamers tends to skew older now than the pre-PS2 days.

Sword & Fairy: Together Forever Collector’s Edition for the PS5 is out August 8th.

Later in the month is Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles which is a nice package of all the Rhapsody games in one. Atlus brought over the first one late in the PS1 days, but the other two never made it here. Partially related, there are other games set in the Rhapsody world such as La Pucelle.

There are a lot of retro-styled games coming out on several platforms. Steam and the Switch shop tend to be the first places these hit – but I bet everyone already knew that.

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