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Hands-on Preview -
Granado Espada
Previewed on 3/12/07

Yes. Yet another MMO!

Granado Espada is a Korean MMORPG from IMC Entertainment. K2 Network will be bringing Granado Espada to our shores in the Summer of 2007 with a new name, Sword of the New World. American gamers got a glimpse of this unique MMORPG during closed beta testing, and RPGLAND was there.

Granado Espada takes place during what would reflect the 17th century of our world. This baroque style is becoming more and more popular in newer games. Granado Espada does it well enough while also adding a very heavy anime take on the era.

The player will go about creating his/her character just like in a normal MMO. The difference here is that Granado Espada allows the player to create and control a party of three. It's a unique setup that has been well recieved by gamers thus far. Players initially are allowed to choose from five starter classes for their characters: Fighter, Wizard, Musketeer, Scout, and Elementalist. The player will also be able to recruit certain NPCs to join the family through quests. Eventually the player can increase one's Barracks to allow up to 36 characters to be created. Once a team is created, it's time to set off to explore, colonize and eventually destroy (well...maybe not) this new world!

The Age of Discovery theme really starts pouring out, once in the game. The starting city of Rebouldeux just shines with personality. The enviroments are very well thought-out, which is evident right from the beginning. Its graphics aren't mind-bottling ( in a bottle...) but get the job done. The various character and NPC models are what really stick out (in more ways than one) in Granado Espada.

Granado Espada looks like your typical point/click Korean MMORPG, but fortunately saves itself from falling into a gameplay nightmare. Players can order their team what to do instead of having to click on enemies for combat. The typical combat orders are Assault, Patrol, and Defend. This really saves the game from becoming a clickfest. Each character's combat skills and stances are easily macroed for quick use. A few tweaks to the point/click system really go a long way.

Quests in Granado Espada are quite typical of the genre. Granado Espada takes from some current MMORPGs and also contains missions. The player will get his/her own instance of a location in a mission very similar to that of Guild Wars. This offers some variety to normal find/retrieve questing.

The music in Granado Espada is a mixed bag of techno/classical which fits the style quite well. Players may be suprised when they start bouncing around to music in an MMORPG, but Granado Espada does the job here.

The closed beta test of Granado Espada, or rather "Sword of the New World" for American gamers uses client 1.8 which is missing quite a few customization options and overall features. Open beta is set to use client 2.0, which is what overseas gamers are already using. Open beta is scheduled for April/May and RPGLAND will also be there... keepin' it real.



-Tim Wilson