Ar Tonelico
PlayStation 2
Reviewed: 02/08/2007

When first diving into a Reyvateil, she might experience a little bit of pain or embarassment. But as you dive in repeatedly, she’ll slowly get used to it, and if you’re any good, learn to enjoy it.

One key is to talk sweet to her, let her know you’re a nice guy, you respect her, and you’re worthy of her trust, then assure her she’ll be just fine. Not every man dives into these girls with pure intent, afterall, and your girls need to know you care about them. One quote from a girl in Ar Tonelico has the girl saying, “It’s okay. As long as it’s you, I can take the pain.”

You need to know exactly where her installation port is, and what to do there, for best results. Know exactly how to dive in, how rough or gentle to be, and let the Reyvateil know that your intents are not just selfish, and that you do not view her as simply a tool for your battle system. No, what she does for you in battle is very appreciated, if not essential, and that should be reflected in how you dive into her rather than just when you protect her in battle.

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All Reyvateils in Ar Tonelico are 18 or older.

But there’s more to just diving into her. This activity will be enhanced all the more if there is a level of non-diving intimacy in the fighter-Reyvateil relationship. Is it a late night in the hotel room? Have a private conversation with her; let her know you care about her by talking to her away from those other girls she knows you’ve dived into. Cultivating a healthy relationship like this will make you all the more compatible everywhere you and your Reyvateils go.

Having done that, the Reyvateils will feel better about themselves and look forward to having you dive inside them. Your skills will have formed a solid bond between you and the Reyvateils, and normal insecurities of a young lady being dived into for the first time(s) will fade away. Then, dive all you want. It will surely be enjoyable for both you and your Reyvateil.

Ar Tonelico is rated T for Teen.

-Heath Hindman

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The Verdict: 8