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Crisis Core causes crying

By Heath | August 22, 2007 at 11:18 am

Hajime Tabata and Tetsuya Nomura recently spoke on the topic of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. But before we discuss that, here are some scans and propaganda bits:

ff7ccaug221.jpg ff7ccaug222.jpg

ff7ccaug223.jpg ff7ccaug224.jpg

According to Crisis-Core.net’s translation, the new flavor for the “Final Fantasy Potion” special edition soft drink is “Sephiroth Flavor.” Supposedly, it tastes just like the emotacular supervillain himself.

The game’s story, which takes place before the events of Final Fantasy VII, will reportedly show at great length the importance and meaning of Zack’s life. Nomura says that the final battle will be a revelation megaton of sorts, unveiling the secrets of the Digital Mind Web (DMW). For reference, the DMW is what controls things like summons and limit breaks.

In discussing the ending of the game, the two men noted that it is not entirely gloomy, and perhaps predictably, declared that they feel it is “absolutely worth seeing.” Some of the game’s beta testers are said to have cried during the testing, though it is unconfirmed whether or not the crying had anything to do with the game, or whether the tears were a positive or negative thing.

And of course, what would any Compilation of FFVII story be without developers adding fuel to the fire of a rumor they themselves repeatedly deny? Indeed, Tabata simply could not last through the interview without saying, “I feel that CC was loaded with the message of ‘Make a remake, Nomura-san and Kitase-san.'” Tetsuya Nomura and others from Square Enix have repeatedly denied plans for an official remake of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Sources: Crisis Core, Hachikaze

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