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Hellgate: London subscribers endure major billing flubs

By Phil | November 7, 2007 at 12:29 am

Gameplay bugs aren’t the only thing plaguing Flagship Studios’ recently released action RPG Hellgate: London. A bevy of subscribers to the game’s online pay service are reporting billing problems the likes of which could turn into a PR nightmare for Hellgate‘s fledgling developer.

The most serious issue seems to be the amount of subscribers who are reportedly being billed multiple times. Some have reported being billed daily.

Some have reported that, after speaking with customer support, charges disappeared, only to reappear afterwards.

“Mines (sic.) was fixed.” Said Hellgate forumer DarkLegacy. “The 3 extra $9.99 charges were cleared.”

DarkLegacy later stated that the charges reappeared.

Other, less notable issues are also abundant. With no real warning directing users to the proper site, Europeans who want to subscribe to Hellgate‘s European servers are accidentally subscribing to the US’ server in droves, and are, at current, unable to switch their subscriptions.

Subscribers have also been reporting that they are not receiving the features that their particular subscription level is promised, that their accounts are being associated with types of subscriptions that they didn’t sign up for, and that they are unable to cancel their subscriptions.

As of Monday morning, there were “hundreds of (support) tickets in queue.” Many more people have likely reported problems since.

At the time of writing, people are still able to subscribe to Hellgate‘s paid service.

There has not been an official announcement regarding these issues yet. Flagship was not immediately available for comment.

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