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Win Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings from RPG Land

By Heath | November 22, 2007 at 5:13 am

From ideas kicked around in this news story/forum thread on RPG Land, we got the idea to make a contest of this.? So here we go, with a chance for you to win Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Basically, you have to already have Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker for this (welcome to the world of PR), and name a monster something that gets by the profanity filter, but still looks suggestive.? Yes, we’re actually holding this childish of a contest.? (Whether we never grew up or others take themselves too seriously is anyone’s guess, though we lean towards the former.)

The name can send instant, subliminal messages to a viewer, be a new substitute for an off-color word, or whatever. Looking at the names that the game doesn’t allow, it’s like someone was just asking for this.? Just email your monster’s suggestive name(s) and perhaps a little explanation of it, if necessary, to contest@rpgland.com.? Enter as many times as you like.? Right now, the leading contender is a guy in the forums who came up with “Duckslit,” which our eyes can’t look at without briefly thinking it says something else.

We can’t give any more detailed guidelines as to what to come up with because really, we’ve never seen a contest of this nature before and have no idea what to expect.? Be original, be smart, whatever.? We’ll know the winner when we see it.

The winner will be emailed asking for a mailing address.? The winner should then reply with his/her address in order to receive the game.

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