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MMORPG Christmas Cheer

By Janelle | December 26, 2007 at 1:29 am

The two biggest days of the Christmas season have come and gone, but the MMORPG Christmas events are still going strong. Here’s a small collection of what the players of MMOs such as World of Warcraft, Secret of the Solstice, Granado Espada, and several others can do, for a limited time. Guild Wars‘ Wintersday holiday festivities revolve around the clash of two mighty titans, Dwayna and Grenth, gods vying for control of the weather and the people. Starting on December 21 and lasting for twelve days, special holiday goodies and quests will be available for players to partake of, leading up to the first day of the new year, where Dwayna and Grenth will battle to determine the outcome of winter based on the support of players. A special helmet will be given to all players depending on which god is victorious, Grenth’s helmet actually being a player-designed object from a contest held earlier this month.

While the battle approaches, players can engage in PvP snowball fights, give presents to children, or sip some Spiked Eggnog. Full details of the Wintersday 2007 events may be found at the Guild Wars official website.


Players of Archlord will find that the land of Chantra is throwing a few Christmas-themed events their way. In addition to Christmas trees standing in every town, monsters are dropping bells and coupons, which can be combined in exchange for Xmas socks, which in turn provide a selection of holiday in-game items. As for special quests, the Animal Breeders of each race are seeking questors to find a replacement for Rudolph.

Secret of the Solstice players will be fighting to protect the holidays from Santa X. The Santa in Essene now transports players to Santa X’s lair, where they’re fight special, seasonal monsters, pick up holiday items, and enjoy a boosted EXP rate.

World of Warcraft has quite a few special little events and bonuses happening during the week. Notably for event equipment junkies, some bosses of Outland are wearing special Christmas gear that can be obtainedby defeating them. From December 25 through January 2, the goblins in Smokywood Pastures will be randomly placing presents under trees, which are completely up for grabs. Speaking of Smokywood Pastures, a new qust has appaeared there, in which players must get back the town’s Christmas goods from a copycat Grinch. This “Greench” has stolen a shipment of hoiday gifts, and players must seek him in the Alterac Mountains. There are plenty of other holiday insertations to the World, the full lot of which can be checked out on the Feast of Winterveil’s info page.


All month long, 2 Moons has had various holiday gigs going on. Those in need of some quick levels will delight to know that the next Double-EXP event is scheduled for December 28-30. There are lots of player contests going on as well, including some with RL prizes being handed out. Full deal at the game’s site.

Red Stone‘s event began on the 17th and runs until the 31st of December. Perhaps inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, a “Skeleton Santa” made a few passes by certain areas on Christmas Day. As well, Evil Spirit of Christmas will be appearing randomly throughout the continent of Prandel and blessing players with various enhancing spells.

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada is running events involving locating lost Christmas trees within a time period, with loot prizes on the line, and cash shop discounts. The less popular or desirable the item, the bigger the discount, up to 50 per cent. Probably most interesting is the double experience that players can enjoy until January 8, 2008.

Final Fantasy XI
‘s Starlight Celebration is rocking until December 31, and as is common, features lots of festive lights and decorations being strewn all about the cities. Smilebringers, special quests, and specialty shops are also placed round about, for players to get into the season.

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