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MMORPGs meet St. Valentine, get all awkward

By Heath | February 13, 2008 at 10:50 am

With Hallmark soon to force its made-up holiday upon society in general, let’s take a look at how the MMORPGs are reacting.

On Tuesday, players of Vanguard began enjoying some gifts designed to get girls to put out. Frick I didn’t want to type it that bluntly. Oh well. I’m too far along to turn back now. (Hmm, wait, the last time I used that logic, terrible things happened.)


Tales of Pirates
IGG was all like “Screw this” to Tales of Pirates players, and let them decide their own event. Well, sort of. Each server is holding some voting for a single-day GM, who will in turn host his or her own event. Based on responses in the game’s forums, devs will pick the three best events and hand them an imaginary sack of digital monies, which is to say, Item Mall Points.

Angels Online
That’s not all IGG is up to. Lasting until Feb. 16 is a screenshot contest in Angels Online. Each winner will get an Intensified Inlay Lucky Bag. Open this bag to randomly get an Enhanced Hammer or Advanced Piercing Hammer, plus various gems. The rules. The screenshot apparently has to contain two lovers, and there are presumably points for creativity, but everyone’s gotta be rated-PG.

World of Warcraft
There’s a “love sickness” going on in Azeroth. Some are cool with it, and some aren’t. Consentual or not, it’s happening.
A gift exchange and a popularity contest headline the activities this year. In the former, a player dresses up in cologne or perfume to see which of the town’s NPCs are lookin’ for love. Take a chance on one of them with a Love Token, and if the NPC happens to like the player back, cool items are in store. If rejected, a chracter is “heartbroken” and others will tell that player to return another time when s/he’s not feeling so sad. Friends can cure each other of this with Friendship Bracelets.

Myth War Online
And oh yeah, Myth War Online. In this one, there’s a simple cartoon contest, and another contest more technical in nature, requesting short films with a love topic. And again, inappropriate content is cockblocked by the rulebook. This sucker lasts until Feb. 20, so there’s plenty of time even after the technical VD has passed.

City of Heroes
Feb. 14 at 3:00p.m. in the Training Room, Manticore and Sister Psyche are gettin’ hitched. The event is limited to only 100 City of Heroes-playing attendees, though, and there’ll be a pure-luck drawing to determine who gets in. The Heroes will be controlled in real life by Sean Dornan-Fish, the man behind the Manticore persona, and his wife Jennifer Dornan-Fish. Valentine’s Day begins the “Spring Fling” event in Paragon City as well. This will last until Feb. 28, and involve getting quests from Ganymede, Emissary of the God Eros.

Final Fantasy XI
Repeating a traditional method of Valentine’s Day celebration within both the game world and real world, Final Fantasy XI will once again be having a chocolate exchange. There are also some “help people with relationship stuff” quests going on. These began on the fourth and are running until the 15th.

Dark Age of Camelot
“Now it?s time to quest the quests of love,” says the Dark Age of Camelot community site. Basically, that means handing notes to NPCs for other NPCs who are too shy to say how they feel.

And we’ll close this out with a bunch of Valentine’s Day event screenshots and promo art from Emil Chronicle Online, an obscure Japanese MMORPG.

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