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Eternal Eden hands-on preview, mess of screenshots, art

By Heath | September 15, 2008 at 3:31 am

Joseph Wartick below delivers a media-laden, hands-on preview of the upcoming Eternal Eden.

Blossomsoft first made an appearence when its game Western Lords was announced for the DS. A wealth of new projects were soon unveiled. Due to funding issues, however, these projects–including Western Lords–were delayed. A more focused developmental strategy lead to Project Eden, now Eternal Eden, becoming the first of these projects to be realized.

Developed using RPG Maker VX, Project Eden looks and plays pretty much like many RPGs of the Super Nintendo era. Thankfully, the game has a very unique plot combined with some awesome puzzles to offset any feelings of “been there, done that.”

Project Eden tells the story of, well, Eden. The people living in Eden have everything provided to them. Food, drink, clothes, etc. all appear at a whim. They live in paradise. The only rule that cannot be broken is to eat nothing of the forbidden tree. Needless to say, temptation proves too much, and soon players are thrown into a unique “save the world” story.

The battle system itself is very standard for RPGs. It’s the usual turn-based all the way. What’s different here is the high challenge in the game. Players who don’t take the time to explore every nook and cranny while dungeon crawling will soon find themselves on the wrong side of a “Game Over” screen.

But exploring isn’t just a necessity. Project Eden features several puzzles throughout the game that players will have to solve before getting the best loot or proceeding through each dungeon. These puzzles are mind-benders. There’s nothing that will take more than 5 minutes in the time this previewer had with the game, but they still represent a very integral part of the game.

Graphically, there’s nothing too special here. The game looks decent, but here is where it’s clear the game was made using RPG Maker. The music in the game has several catchy tunes, and the sound affects are suitable.

Project Eden is set to please old-school enthusiasts when it releases at the end of the summer.

-Joseph Wartick

Here is some character art from the game:

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