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Valkyria Chronicles: Everything You Need to Know

By Heath | October 1, 2008 at 12:24 pm

Gonna play the Valkyria Chronicles demo coming out later this month? Get pumped by checking out this guide. Watch as I play two complete battles, with commentary and explanation. And since I’m kinda focusing on showing a bunch of stuff to you instead of getting in there and just trying to win, I even kinda start getting my ass kicked in the second battle. Good times.

Some videos are downloadable, and some are downloadable or YouTubeable. Certainly being no computer wiz and having a love of the ghetto, I decided I didn’t care too much about the fact that these are not exactly HD with surround sound. When watching, just keep in mind that eh, I’m out to give you, the gamer, a look at one of the more talked-about games right now; I realize the “irony” of owning a PS3 but not owning an HDTV or nice capture equipment. You frickin’ nerds 😉

Anyway, here are the videos. In these first few, I explain who’s who, why I’m putting certain people in certain places, and so on. I also do a little sniping, and we get to see Aika from Skies of Arcadia in action. Oh also, the YouTube names don’t match the actual something or other names. But stuff presented on this page is in chronological order, I think. That’s the reward for visiting the site instead of just hitting the YouTube: logical linearity.

The introduction and setup:
Download Video 1

Sniping, killing an officer, and our first encounter with command points:
Video 2

More of this desert battle, featuring a look at Aika from Skies of Arcadia:
Download Video 3
Download Video 3a
Download Video 3b
Download Video 3c

Desert Battle’s conclusion:
Download Video 4
Download Video 5

The second battle is very late in the game. There are no story spoilers, however, so no worries there.
I apoogize (just as I also do during the video) for using almost entirely scouts here. It was just a need for that usefu granade launcher of theirs.

Download Video 6

Download Video 7

Download Video 8

Download Video 9

Download Video 10

Download Video 11 (Fina from Skies of Arcadia shows up)

Here’s where I summon Vyse, from Skies of Arcadia:
Download Video 12

Download Video 13

Download Video 14

Download Video 15

Download Video 16

Download Video 17

Just a quick look at how the player distributes experience points, and the leveling interface:
Download Video 18

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