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You can thank RPG Land: Persona 2 Innocent Sin patch released (*Updated with contest winners!)

By Heath | October 15, 2008 at 8:10 pm

You’re welcome.
On September 20, fan translator/patcher and all around attention whore Gemini announced, that since his comment posters were having arguments, he would delay his long-awaited Persona 2: Innocent Sin patch. Now, the reason for this, to anyone who knows anything about human behavior at all, was obvious. He saw attention not being focused on his e-penis, and couldn’t stand it, so he got that attention back by yanking the translation patch out from under the eager masses.

Clearly, there was a problem. And where there is RPG-related internet policing to be done, RPG Land will be there (…sometimes). RPG Land therefore made fun of the twirp, but knew that this alone wouldn’t be enough. We launched our contest, really driving it home . So offended, so upset was the patcher-to-be, he decided he’d roll up his sleeves and finish that sucker, just to spite us. Mission Accomplished.

Now, on his own site, he’ll of course not admit outside influence, and is in fact pretending it was all a joke, but we know the obvious truth here. The downfall is, since he wasn’t working on it for a while (because he wasn’t planning on launching it until we internet-spanked him), he had to cut some corners to make up for lost time. Many users are reporting some pretty serious bugs, so one might be advised to wait a couple weeks or so, for fixes to be made.

The contest we launched will still go on as planned, however. We’ve received some quality entries, and they’ll be put on display in the near future, with winners being notified.

“Have a nice and flaming day.”

UPDATE, October 16.
Below are the winners of the contest! We ended it a couple days early in light of the patch actually being released (albeit it buggy due to not being finished).

Anyway, before we show you the winners, let’s see some of the entries we thought were funny, but not quite as much as the two that took the cake:

One guy made a five-piece comic:

Below are the two we felt were the winners. Our second place winner, receiving $40 worth of cool stuff from a Japanese game shop, is Meko N., who sent in this gem, sent just after Gemini released the “finished” patch:

And topping it off is Jason K., whose joke is ridiculously inappropriate and almost disqualified, but…yeah. Anyway, he enclosed a note, “Sorry but I have to use your screenshot b/c I don’t know how to add text to an image. A headline generator and some fan art sure came in handy though.” Here it is:

Honestly, part of the reason this guy’s getting the award is because he scares the pants off us. Enjoy your Persona 4 Social Link Expansion Pack when it hits the market in December, Jason.

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