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Awesomecast: Internet Chain Whining

By Heath | October 22, 2008 at 10:59 am

The new Awesomecast…um, exists! After like 11 months of doing nothing, holy crap, another one. And boy do we struggle to get back into the swing of things!

A rough breakdown of this broadcast:
*00:00 – 01:05, Intro music courtesy of Valyria Chronicles
*From there till like 3:05, painfully unfunny improved bit involving identity crisis.
*From there till like 8:35, we digress about our inability to return to form and end up talking about sports games.
*From there till like 12:11, “What have you been playing” touches on Final Fantasy V, Dragon Warrior III, and stuff.
*From there till like 19:58, “What have you been playing” touches on Zoids Assault,.
*From there till like 22:55, “What have you been playing” continues on Zoids Assault, while lamenting about GameFAQs.
*From there till like 25:30, “Guys they don’t understand this gaaaaaame!”
*From there till like 33:48, We make fun of the internet hype machine. Joey makes fun of Sega. Orie and Heath in turn make fun of Joey.
*From there till like 41:30, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 comes to America, and our reactions. Also, “If RPG Land had ads….”
*From there till like 56:30, Janelle discusses Odin Sphere in retrospect, and the upcoming Vanillaware title Muramasa. She introduces Valkyria Chronicles to the discussion.
*From there till like 67:25, Heath raves about Valkyria Chronicles.
*Starting at 68:18, Heath calls Joey whiney. Outro small talk.

The Panelists in this broadcast:

Orie House got turned into a robot

Heath Hindman tries to pass off hockey games as RPGs, and like most things, fails at it

Joey Janowski can’t play the real guitar, so…

Janelle Hindman just found out about it

Those of you with iTunes can subscribe to our iTunes link here. I think. I don’t have iTunes, so that might be outdated.

Please give us your feedback at pr@rpgland.com or on our forums.

Enjoy the show!

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