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Taking questions for Resonance of Fate feature (plus scans)

By Janelle | February 2, 2010 at 8:36 am

Hey everyone, it’s Janelle (the one that wrote yonder Final Fantasy XIII review). The next big project I’ve been tackling is Resonance of Fate (actually End of Eternity because it’s a Japanese copy, but even then they can’t seem to stop referring to it as Resonance of Fate). But here’s the thing. Resonance of Fate is complicated. Really complicated. Passing bits of news, short impressions and video that attempt to explain the sheer bulk of this game’s unusual…ness are woefully inadequate. So I’m working on a rather large feature, tentatively titled “Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know about Resonance of Fate.” And because I’m not omniscient, I need your help.

See, I can guess what people might generally wonder about. But I don’t know what you are wondering about. What do you need to know? Curious about random battles? That crazy weapon customization system? The hex world map? I want you to fire off any questions you have about the game, so this feature can be that much more complete, and more people can sate their curiosity about this under-reported game. There’s a very easy set of steps to send me questions:

1. Have a question. I’ll be splitting the feature into two parts: Battles, and Everything Else That Isn’t Story. After I beat it, there’s a chance that I’ll add a third Story part. I can’t say for sure right now because I haven’t beat it yet and don’t know whether such a thing would be necessary. So any question is OK, non-story questions are preferred but if I get enough story questions I might put together something.

2. Decide if you want your name or screen name to show up in the article when I answer your question. If so, sign your question “From ________” where the blank is whatever you want me to put as your name. If you don’t use the word “From” then I just won’t credit your question.

3. Send it to RPG Land one of four ways:

-Send it to us on Twitter.

-Contact us on Facebook. Include some sort of reference to Resonance of Fate so we know what you’re talking about.

-The forum mega-thread.

-Email it to janelle@rpgland.com. Again, please put something like “Resonance of Fate” in the subject line.

That’s all there is to it. There’s currently no deadline for questions, so send away!

Here are some scans of Famitsu’s initial walkthrough:



Scan source: Famitsu Magazine

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