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.hack//Link box art, scans reiterate grim truths, give small details

By Heath | February 22, 2010 at 1:15 am

Here’s the official packaging for .hack//Link, but for fans of the series, it stands an artistic reminder (to go with the more frank words repeated in Famitsu) that the series is going out on this note.
As can be seen by clickng the above thumbnail, the packaging shows a collection of chracters set to be present in the game, the range dating back to those included clear back in .hack//Sign. It includes characters who’ve made appearances in other .hack works as well, whom will be present in this next and final game.

And indeed, developer CyberConnect2 has reiterated the statement originally made at the Tokyo Game Show, that this is the last .hack game. The company added that while manga will be made for a year or so longer, but anime and games are done. On the upside for fans, the final boss will reportedly be the strongest in series history and packs a few surprises.

Japanese gamers will find this available on March 4, though other territories are still awaiting official announcements. Check the official CC2 website for kicks and place a pre-order through Play-Asia if you wanna be real cool.

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