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NieR Replicant strongly outsells NieR Gestalt in Japanese debuts

By Heath | May 6, 2010 at 9:15 pm

As Japanese software sales figures emerge, the PS3’s NieR Replicant, as expected, handily outsold the Xbox 360’s NieR Gestalt, as the former debuted at #1 and is outselling its 360 counterpart about five-to-one.  These are alternate versions of what is essentially the same game, though North America only got the Gestalt version on both consoles, under the less specific title of Nier.  Complete data for April 19-25 below:
1. Nier Replicant (PS3)
2. New Super Mario Brothers (Wii)
3. Tokyo Mono Hara Shi (PSP)
4. Tomodachi Collection (DS)
5. Ys: Oath of Felghana (PSP)
6. Pro Yakyu Spirits Baseball (PSP)
7. Wii Fit Plus (Wii)
8. Mario Kart (Wii)
9. The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition (PS3)
10. Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light (DS)

NieR Replicant for PS3 sold a little over 60,000 copies, while NieR Gestalt for Xbox 360 (#11 on the charts) sold around 12,000. Atlus’s adventure RPG Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, which has drawn a few Persona comparisons, sold about about 22,000 copies since its debut.

The Game of the Year Edition of Oblivion finally hit Japan for 360 and PS3, and the PS3 version broke into the top 10 because of it, selling almost 13,000 copies. The 360 version came in at number 19, just under Sega’s megahit Yakuza 4 for PS3.

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