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Vakyria Chronicles 3 hands-on impression (TGS)

By Heath | September 15, 2010 at 9:00 pm

I just played some story and battle segments of Valkyria Chronicles 3 for PSP. It was, as expected, very similar to the first two, but also with differences. While this mode might not be available right away and just a part of the demo, one character could go into “Valkyria Mode,” which would cost 1 command point and 1 “Special point.” She could then be the fearsome Valkyria gamers have come to know — virtually invincible and incredibly powerful. Like I said, I don’t know when this will become available in the game or how many characters will gain the ability. My gauge only had 3 Special Points though, so perhaps it will be capped. This would be a good thing, because I would fear Valkyria use becoming a crutch otherwise.

Other classes in the demo were pretty expected: a scout, a shock trooper, an anti-tank, and a sniper, who (at this point in time and for the sake of the demo) had not changed since Valkyria 2.

The story moved similarly to Valkyria 2, with still shots of characters appearing on screen while voice actors read the lines. It is not yet clear whether the amount of voice acting will decrease later on in the game as it does in VC2. The story also, at least in the demo segment, seemed far more serious than VC2’s. No one got slapped on the butt and there were no boob jokes or high school crushes. The characters and plot movement had that usual anime feel to them, but less like the second game and more like the first. Music and graphics were virtually unchanged.

The full title is “Valkyria Chronicles 3: The Untold Chronicles.” It will be released in Japan in January of 2011.

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