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Christmas gets Cloud-y, if you know what I mean

By Heath | November 10, 2010 at 8:19 pm

On Nov. 22, Square Enix will be releasng a seven-track CD of popular game music tunes remixed in what the company feels is a Christmas style. Here’s a complete track listing, with samples of every song.

Track 1, from Final Fantasy XI:

Track 2 is Yoko Shimomura’s “Captain Square,” from Square Enix’s “Live A Live” Collection:

Track 3 is a Gold Saucer/Highwind mix, from Final Fantasy VII:

Track 4 is a twist on Legend of Mana:

Track 5, from Chrono Trigger:

Tack 6 is from SaGa Frontier 2:

Track 7 is a Masashi Hamazu take on the Chocobo theme, called “Chocobo’s Christmas.”

The CD will be released in Japan this month and probably not make it stateside. It’ll cost 1,600 yen, about the usual cost for a CD.

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