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Japan’s RPG releases: J-Shop Watch November

By Heath | November 10, 2010 at 11:01 am

Here’s an update on the RPGs fresh out, or dang near it, in Japan.  Today marks a return for Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.  This time, the game is coming out for PSP, all freshened up for SPRG fans to enjoy anew.   Sacred 2 is also be re-released, but not in the same sense; it’s becoming part of the “PS3 The Best” and “Xbox 360 Platinum Collection” lineups.

Stuff gets sexy a week from today when Agarest 2 launches for PS3.  The game is noted for being loaded with innuendo, even forcing it into places it shouldn’t normally go. But the sexuality doesn’t stop there, as Nipple Ichi’s  Criminal Girls is set to spank PSP on the 18th.  The game has generated buzz on the internet with its racey artwork and infamous “punish time” system, in which the player spanks young girls.  I…I don’t even…anyway….

Already out on the 3rd of this month was Radiant Historia for DS, made by Atlus.  Fallout: New Vegas hit on Nov. 4 and is enjoying a successful debut at #5 (PS3) and #7 (360) of the country’s top sellers list.

Reaching into last month, DS owners got Solatorobo by the makers of .hack, and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the long-awaited third entry in a series some  thought to be dead.

Fable III also arrived in Japan late last month, arriving on the 28th and showing first-day sales of about 20,000.

And there’s your retail rundown of the RPG scene in Japan.

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