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Predictions of E3 Predictions

By Heath | June 5, 2011 at 2:03 am

With E3 starting now, seemingly every website on the internet is weighing in with its predictions. Let’s see if we can predict what a lot of people will predict, and recap for you the predictions that have been predicted.

Like every year, all kinds of people will be predicting announcements of huge sequels. Substance is not required for the rumors to start kicking up. I’m predicting that people will predict game announcements based on the fact that they want that hypothetical game, and not necessarily whether there’s reason to believe it exists.  And some will just be making shit up.

Expect expectations and believe that many will believe in a Final Fantasy VII remake announcement, a new God of War game, a new Mario platformer to launch alongside the next Nintendo, and what the hell, why not Grand Theft Auto V. There’s reason to predict those things and if they don’t happen, you don’t look like a total tit because lots of other people predicted them too.

A lot of people will predict that this E3 will make or break Sony’s current status and go on to have a big impact on its long-term standings as well. I’d expect that people would expect big things out of the company, especially since it is introducing a new platform and looking to rebound from a huge embarrassment with that PSN fiasco.

The PSP2, also known as NGP, now officially given the name PlayStation Vita, is going to be the subject of a whole lot of predicting.  Some have already predicted that the system will be dead on arrival.  Why anyone would do that like a year before it’s scheduled to hit stores is beyond my understanding, but hey, people make livings off such predictions, whether they’re right or not. E3 will be another matter.  Expect high expectations and envision wild visions from all kinds of prognosticators about the Vita’s software, services, sales, strengths, and other things that begin with ‘S.’

On Nintendo, ho man, I’m betting that a lot of people are betting the big N might take the cake with its new console and all this “Project Cafe” talk.  I’d predict that many will predict that Nintendo is going to try and throw a bone to the casual crowd that has kept it afloat these last years, but also try and widen its appeal.  I also expect to see people expecting announcements about the 3DS, its eshop and 3D video support.

Predictors of Microsoft E3 predictions will be predicting new things for Kinect.  The classic go-to predictions for all things Xbox are Halo, Gears of War, and in recent times, Mass Effect (though the latter will also be on PS3 at launch).  Since Microsoft recently purchased Skype, lots will be looking for announcements about Skype announcements.

Check back after E3 for our E3 2011 Recap Recap.

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