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Shop Watch December 2015

By Russ | December 5, 2015 at 4:50 pm

December’s focus is two niche entries in well-received series.

December started out with an oddity in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The first Xenoblade title received a warm reception from all 25 of its owners. This will make the current 20 people who bought the game probably very happy; especially since 10 of those people bought the sold out CE.

The week of December 20 sees the release of Trails of Cold Steel on the PS Vita and PS3. Each version has a CE as well. Players may very well be finishing up Trails in the Sky Second Chapter just in time for Trails of Cold Steel; placing TiTS before ToCS on the gaming clock.

What? it’s the season of giving and I am all about giving lame puns.



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