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Shop Watch April 2021

By Russ | March 28, 2021 at 8:17 pm

April is the month to Square away some games.

April begins with Outriders, A title from Square-Enix which is a co-op RPG shooter. The title is available across PS4, PS5, Xbone, and PC.

The following week is the Switch port of Trails of Cold Steel IV. I cannot recommend this series enough for JRPG fans. I am in year 3 of playing mostly Falcom games and finished up IV earlier this year. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to see 9 games come to fruition, even if two of those have never been localized for NA.

Nier: Replicant hits April 23rd, and is likely this month’s most-anticipated release for many. The second Square-Enix release this month and an upgrade to the PS3 version, the original title was a sleeper hit years ago; but the past few years of Nier: Automata have attracted some attention to the earlier title.

Throwing New Pokemon Snap here because I like to make fans of RPGs aware of RPG-adjacent tie ins. A PS5 version of Cthulhu Saves Christmas is also out the last week of April.

May has the HD remake of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne – the hardest RPG I have ever played – and the Mass Effect re-release.

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