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Shop Watch January 2024

By Russ | January 1, 2024 at 4:00 am

Siblings VS Siblings?

Maybe in a brother from another mother kinda way.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters hits the Switch on January 23. I can never remember which parts of the series are RPGs or spinoffs. In this one, cell phones are destroying console gaming and it’s up to the player and a moe harem to stop it. In short, it’s historical fiction. We know the cell phones won.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth brings up the end of the month on PS4/5 and Xbox X. Yakuza: Like a Dragon turned the series into turn-based RPGs, and Infinite Wealth continues that trend on January 26. This title brings the hero from the previous game together with the hero of the games previous to him, making it Yakuza: Brothers VS Brothers or something. The previous games have all been well-received, with Like a Dragon being hailed as fun. This is cred the Neptunia series does not have.

Infinite Wealth is likely the strong beginning of a huge first quarter for RPGs, with Persona 3: Reload and FFVII Rebirth stomping opposite ends of February. In one; you fight off the end of the world. The other; probably another round with Nomura Sephiroth.

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