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Shop Watch May 2024

By Russ | April 30, 2024 at 1:34 am

I’ve got a bell helmet, a bell weapon, and a belle dress.

Withering Rooms turned out to be April’s most played game of mine; to the point where I’m using a regen build in-between altercations with a special enemy who shows up once a level in hard mode as I type this.

There are a lot of games this month which are physical releases of digital games, so let’s mash those together:

    • May 10 – Seas of Stars
    • May 21 – Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
    • May 24 – The Last Faith
    • May 30 – Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes: Definitive Edition

    Meanwhile, Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution is out 14 May. Neptunia and friends/sisters/moe cult go out to make the best game they can.

    A System Shock remake is out on 21 May. Placing this here because the original was probably a huge influence on mixing a FPS game with RPG/Adventure elements.

    Looks like the Xbox Series X is seeing a port of Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters 21 May. Two Neptunia titles this month? Is this… Nep-otism?

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remake is out 23 May. The physical version is sold out many places. I recommend snagging one if you see it.

    I am looking forward to a physical version of Sea of Stars. Ubisoft’s comment about getting used to not owning games anymore; Square-Enix removing Octopath Traveler from Switch for weeks without notice; etc. Items like that make me want to buy physical more often and when I can.

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