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Resonance of Fate character details, new screenshots

By Heath | December 14, 2009 at 4:55 am

A few details on some new characters, along with new screens.

Antrion, the oldest cast member revealed thus far, is on a quest for knowledge of the paranormal. He knows his Christian doctrine (or at least, the Japanese understanding of it…which is sometimes…yeah…).

Veronique is a good friend of Rowan (a cardinal). Her role and motives remain mysterious. OOooohhh.

Garijanon (I’m having trouble guessing how that will be romanized) is narcissistic to the max. He’s always thinking about, talking about, reading about, and writing about fashion. He’s probably straight.

Barbarella is described by Famitsu as “Sexy Dynamite.” I disagree. I’m just not as into the “pale elf girl that looks somewhere between a vampire and a white railing with huge earrings and whose outfit makes her look like her abdomen has been ripped apart” look as Famitsu people must be. Her outfit was apparently handpicked by the cardinal. (Oho, the churches are gonna love this game.) Also she loves meat and wine.

It’s also been revealed that the city of Basel will feature a battle arena, in which tutorials will take place, and then players can fight enemies for prizes.

Source: Famitsu

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