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MMORPGLand 3: St. Patrick’s Day recap

By Heath | March 22, 2010 at 3:13 am

St. Patrick’s Day definitely doesn’t get the amount of widespread MMO special event love that other holidays enjoy.  Nevertheless, there were a few MMORPGs that honored the day.

Fallen Earth held a good ol’ fashion St. Paddy’s Day pub crawl. This trek to hit up different taverns in the game coupled players with Fallen Earth devs as they drown their post-apocalyptic sorrows in festive green booze and March 17 and 18. There was also a storytelling event of sorts, asking the community “Who Was St. Patty?” The winners were announced here. Members were encouraged to take screenshots of the event, but in scouring the forums and site, there don’t seem to be any up yet.

Luna Online ran two special events: “Catch the ‘Chaun” and “Luck of the Irish.”
In “Luck of the Irish,” the Luna Leprechaun made himself available and sold green bean casserole to players, which they humorously described as “magically delicious.” A purchase of the casserole upped one’s chances of winning certain prizes, such as scrolls and Emeralds.
“Catch the ‘Chaun,” was just what it sounds like: finding and defeating a leprechaun. Nabbing him scored players 50 High Quality Emeralds (an in-game item) and an entry into a drawing to win a 3rd Generation Lucky 77 Box. There was also a team effort going on, as the server with the most success would get a significant increase in drops for a couple hours after the event’s end.

Fiesta added lots of green to its item shop. Here are some pictures of what was up:

Aion ran “Fergus McGreedy’s Little Headache.”
In an attempt to subvert taxes, Fergus was giving away money, but only to fellow leprechauns. As he’d lost his glasses, the game became one of fooling the greedy green man into handing his gold to player characters instead. While the event meant well, it apparently didn’t go so well, as community members have posted some displeasure.
User Iveta proclaims, “This event was MAJOR FAIL. The ONLY reward I got was Soul Healing… yay! Utter lack of thought went into this one. ” Player Akylla echoed, “Yea the event was fail!!! It was run by a GM tossing out maybe 30 people out of like several hundred then spawning a raid bosses that drop golds.” Snusnu, however, noted, “Maybe the reason this thread is full of negative posts is because the people that enjoyed it have no reason to post complaints about it. There’s a million people playing aion and only a couple thousand posts so it can’t have been bad for everyone.”

And there was that. If you participated in an MMORPG event for St. Patrick’s Day that wasn’t covered here, email me about it at nr@rpgland.com, or hit us up on those internet webthings we’re on:

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